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Dodger/Moxie Puppies- The "Breakfast Club" - 8 weeks old

Moxie and Dodger puppies are 7 1/2 weeks old. They have grown up so fast it seems. Looking forward to them getting their new start with new families but

sad because they will be leaving us. The 5:30 wake up and feed me cries will actually be missed...except on Saturday and Sunday. Each one has their own personality.

First the boys. SAUSAGE- who is the big boy in the bunch. Always active and full of life, eliciting his siblings to play, always in charge. He wins people over easily with his "swagger". Yes the vet actually used that word to describe him. Scrapple- easy going, gentle natured, lets Sausage do whatever he wants, a real snuggler but with humans. Don't think you are going to sit and watch TV without him in your lap. He makes sure you know he is there.

BACON- is the shy quiet fellow that loves to snuggle, loves his squeak toys and loves to chase things. He's a little head strong so will need someone who knows how to handle him.

Then we have the girls.

Pop Tart -is always a favorite because she is so small compared to everyone else. She is determined and that is what has helped her survive her first stages of life. She has always considered herself a big dog and doesn't know she is little. Shhhh don't tell her.

Strudel- the most outgoing of the girls, always there with a friendly hello and comes back to check on you even when she is playing. She is our dominant female but loves the human touch and voice.

Brioche-is headstrong and loving all in one. She wants your attention but if you tell her she cant do something she will keep trying 10 x and then says okay I give up. She then turns her attention on you and smothers you in kisses.

Omlette- is our happy girl, walking around tail wagging all the time, but is one to stand back and watch the others. She showers you with kisses if you pick her up but is always sitting back patiently waiting her turn. 7 pups of fun

We worked on pottying outside with this litter. They do well when we keep to the schedule of: wake up-go outside and potty, eat-go outside and potty, playtime-go outside and potty and the cycle starts numerous times throughout the day. Whew what a busy crew! Hoping to make it easier for the owners when they go to their new homes.

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