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Spirit 1982.jpg

Our Beginning :                                           We first owned Dalmatians in 1983. Once you've owned a Dalmatian no other breed will do. Great with family, fun to train, lots of energy and just a joy to have around.

  Here are pictures of our first dals Spirit and her son Mohawk.

Spirit and Mohawk.jpg

Currently we have five Dalmatian's in our house. Dodger is our retired boy, Moxie is our retired girl, then we have their daughter Trixie. Charger is our new guy from Siren Dalmatians who already earned his Grand Champion Bronze and is in the Top 20 dalmatians for 2021. Our new Puppy from the Nuke and Trixie litter is Mochi. Mochi has a lot to live up to.


Moxie is naturally drawn to children and they are drawn to her. She runs up eagerly greeting them with a wagging tail and a quick kiss if she can. Moxie was purchased from Noble Dalmatian breeder Hilary Farris. Hilary gave us great instruction at the beginning and has encouraged us on our journey every step of the way. Moxie's love for children is evident in the special relationship she has with my son, Calvin. Wherever he is, she is also. She has been an attentive and  terrific mom to her puppies.


Dodger is everybody's dog. He loves everyone he meets. I would say he is more drawn to women than men but Harvey would disagree. Dodger is the first Dalmatian I have owned that wants us to throw the ball as far up as we can. He eagerly jumps to retrieve it and bring it back. Dodger does an air jump and get some hang time. Dodger has shown us he can do it all.


Dals are interested in lots of different things. Dodger and Trixie love agility. If there is a jump to be had or a teeter totter to walk over they are on it. They are always coming up with new ways to engage us. All of our dals are big huggers. Dodger is our family clown, always good for a laugh every day.

Moxie loves lure coursing and barn hunting. She keeps us engaged in the dog world in different ways. Charger and Trixie have shown us they like scent discrimination. Always looking for just the right box with the smell of birch in it. With a Dalmatian you never know where your trails will take you. We try a variety of things to see what each dog loves best.

Grace at 8 weeks old

Moxie and the gingerbread boy
Moxie the  cheetah

Moxie doing lure coursing

Dodger, Me and Calvin Scootering.jpg

The three of us scootering with Dodger.

Rocky book photos 2- Moxie good_edited

Moxie at the Uncle Rocky book signing event.

Dogers first show nice head shot.JPG

Dodger at his first show.

Dodger and Moxie with their Bandanna.jpg

Happy 4th of July.

Trixie 4 months old

Trixie at 4 months old

Charger and his Teddy

Charger and his Teddy


  • Conformation

  • Obedience

  • Agility

  • Rally coursing

  • Lure coursing

  • Scent work

  • Barn hunting

  • Farm dog

  • Mobility assistance

  • Hearing assistance

  • Tracking

  • Public events-

  • Book signings

  • Parades

  • Meet the breed etc.

Grace at 8 weeks
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