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Let's Go Shopping

Life is so much simpler if you have the right supplies.

We have put together a list of pet supplies that we suggest you obtain prior to bringing your puppy home. You can purchase these items at your convenience . Most of the items can be found on Amazon or from a local pet store near you.

Necessary Items

  1. Quality food

  2. Wire crate with adjustable wire panel so that the crate can grow with your puppy

  3. Crate cover

  4. Old towels for the bottom of the crate

  5. Crate bed – not to be used until after pottie trained (for the first few months)

  6. Bed for outside the crate

  7. Water bowl

  8. Food bowl

  9. Flat Collar 

  10. Choke Collar

  11. Leash

  12. Shampoo

  13. rubber dog curry comb

  14. spray bottle for vinegar

  15. White vinegar

  16. Bitter apple deterrent spray

  17. toys

  18. Pet insurance (optional)

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