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ALL Dalmatian’s need some type of obedience training. Dalmatians like all dogs, have energy that needs to be channeled. We requrie all of our puppies to have some type of obedience or performance title. you chose which one. Pictured here is Dodger (the third dog in the lineup) at the Greater Washington Dalmatian Club Specialty.  He is doing his 2 minute down stay. He earned a leg that day. It takes four qualifying scores of 170 or better to earn an obedience title. Obedience training can be great fun for you and your dog. If obedience is too strict why not give Rally training a try? The best part is the process of training helps you bond with your dog and makes your dog a better family member and citizen.


Moxie is shown here chasing a little "plastic bunny". Actually it's a plastic trash bag. Don't tell her though because she thinks it's a plastic bunny. Lure coursing is a fun activity the dogs can participate in and earn the title of CAT- Coursing Ability Test or fast CAT. They chase the "bunny" between 600 and 1000 yards long. The course should have a number of turns in order to simulate prey (the jack-rabbit or hare) changing direction in a chase. If a dog is lure focused they will follow the lure from start to finish and not run off course. Dogs with lure experience, termed “lure-wise”, may try to “cheat” by attempting to cut off the lure instead of trying to capture the lure using follow, speed and agility. I love to see Moxie  girl run as hard as she can, working at catching that bunny. She loves it! Moxie comes home with a happy face and is really tired.


Moxie is learning all about barn hunting. She searches, using her nose, until she has found the rat. The rat is in a protective tube and is hidden in the bales of hay. The dog has to use it's nose to find the rat and alert the owner/handler. Good girl Moxie. No rats are harmed.

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