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 NEWS of Our Gang:

  • 5/22 Mochi 1st place in 6-9 mo dogs at Greater Washington DC, Delaware Valley DC and Sweepstakes at DCA. 2nd in 6-9 mo dogs at DCA

  • 5/22 Moxie took first in Veterans at Greater Washington Dalmatian Club and 4th at DCA

  • 3/27/2022 Charger earns Owner Handled Reserve Best-In-Show

  • 1/2020 Charger -Best of Winners at Southern Maryland Kennel Club

  • 3/2020 Moxie -official Certified Therapy dog for Johns Hopkins Hospital

  • 12/2019 Charger Winners dog at Delaware Valley Dalmatian Club Specialty

  • 9/2018 Josephine has her therapy dog title

  • 7/2018 Jovi and Trixie earn their CGC

  • 4/2018 Trixie earned her Championship

  • 2/2018 Milo earned his Championship

  • 4/2017 Paris earned her Grand Championship

  • 2/2017 River earned her Grand Championship!!

  • 1/2017 Leia earned her Championship

  • 12/2016 Missy earned her Championship

  • 10/2016 Rocco earned his Rally Novice title

  • 10/2016 River earned her Championship

  • 9/2016 Brady earned his Rally Novice title

  • 6/2016 Paris earned her Championship

  • 3/2016 Moxie Best of Breed-

  • 10/2015 Moxie earned her Grand Champion!!

  •  5/2015 Dodger is a GRAND CHAMPION!!

  •  5/2013 Dodger- Best of Breed 

  •  5/2013 Dodger -first place in Rally at Dalmatian Club of America- Dal Nationals

Welcome to Stagecoach Dalmatians web site. We hope you enjoy visiting our site, learning about Dalmatians, and getting to know us.

If you are interested in a Stagecoach Dalmatian contact Tara Brumfield  @

That's (t (the # one)  or Tel: 410-353-9430- be sure and leave a message.


The popularity of Dalmatians exploded with Disneys 101 Dalmatians. Families flocked to the breed, which unfortunately led to a lot of indiscriminate breeding practices. This led to unstable bloodlines.


It is important to know a Dalmatian's genetic history before adopting one. While well-bred Dalmatians are a dream to live with, poorly bred dogs can be rife with behavioral and temperament problems including hyperactivity, biting, stubbornness and even aggression.

Even a well bred Dalmatian has energy to spare. If not properly exercised and mentally stimulated each day, this breed can become destructive. Additionally, because they love people so much, separation anxiety can develop, which also leads to destructive behavior. A commitment to proper exercise is key to raising a happy, healthy Dalmatian.


The Dalmatian is the only dog bred to be with horses. They were originally used to guard the carriages and horses of the upper class in the 1800's. The Dalmatian safetly trotted beside the horse and carriage and ushered them through the streets. While the master was busy, it was the Dalmatian's job to ensure the stock and carriage remained safe and  untouched. Later, they became military sentries and circus performers. Most famously, they were the mascots of fire companies due to the fact that fire engines were originally horse drawn. They are a versatile dog, capable of watching over a house or livestock, performing in advanced obedience competitions or simply acting as a loyal family companion. They love to be with people and will want to be included in all family activities, whether indoor or outdoor. They travel well and love to go for rides in the car. Dalmatians are friendly with people and great with children, although toddlers can often be knocked down by an eager dog. They are a joy to live with

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