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Getting Ready

Trixie is getting bigger. She will go for an x-ray around January 11. Hoping to get a better idea of how many puppies she is having. She is acting more hormonal, more clingy (if that's possible in a dalmatian), smiling a lot more, able to rest on the couch now. She would never rest on the couch in the past. She is always busy. The others keep checking her which tells me they are picking up a different scent on her. We've been getting things ready for delivery, ordering new equipment and making modifications to the whelping room. The new prospective families have been a joy to meet. So happy to welcome them to our Stagecoach family. They got the opportunity to meet Trixie and the grandparents Moxie and Dodger. Only 19 days left to go. Happy New Year everyone.

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